Corporate Citizenship

Our Approach to Corporate Citizenship Exercise

Firms are not just ‘persons or citizens in the eye of the law,’ with us clients exercise the full potential of their Corporate Citizenship through actively engaging with initiatives that practically and truly benefit society. These can be practiced in various methods and ranges of activities to be contributors to a green, harmonious and peaceful living. Companies can play significant role in strengthening, advancing and transforming social fabric and community cohesion in highly meaningful ways.

Corporates can make use of their citizenship through several means to demonstrate their social responsibilities. Such a demonstration can be taken as low, medium and large levels of participation. These include active participation in climate issues, voluntary participation, social movements, wealth creation, supporting community initiatives, and addressing special individual needs.

For clients such as governments and large firms that are interested in medium and large scale Corporate Citizenship Exercise, acalliance has a menu of tested and favored models which can be used at grand scales of regional and national leveles. The Peace and Green Initiative for Africa PGIA has experienced volunteers and experts to help clients realize their full potential of mass mobilization and movement strategies. PGIA has several home grown models that can be adapted to different contexts and specific realities to maximize returns.

With us our clients benefit from increasing revenue up to 25 dollars for every dollar invested in corporate citizenship. It is a known fact that there is more to reap from corporate Citizenship. Corporate citizenship is an automatic buyer of brand recognition, projecting royalty and topping the list of favorites and offers the vital aspect of being positively associated with customers.

Cost efficient and potent models to bring real change in societies are much affordable with the activities that engage communities and their significant influencers. Such volunteer based, simplified methods are easier to translate into day to day lives of millions across the low income and middle income countries.


Unlike traditional approaches of finding problems and pointing fingers on firms, acalliance helps its clients with research and fact based decisions and relevant activities to minimize business induced social challenges. acalliance believes there is more to doing business than being harmful actor in a society. Firms can and do contribute towards positive progress and social transformation. Join active Corporate Citizens that are exercising their roles as intimate friends of people and are reapping significant gains.