About Us

The acalliance is a world-wide management consulting firm built by allied advisors and consultants from across the regions. Truly diverse and highly experienced experts vested with models and practical tools are at the disposal of our clients for the highest possible service climax. acalliance is about people, strategies, concrete results and most importantly the passion for creating and sustaining consistent exceptionality and a habit of excellence.


We work with globally leading firms, governments, non-government organizations, local movements and initiatives. We have mastered setting a high bar for performance advancement and enable our clients realize intended goals. Our salient and exceptionally bold diversity equipped us to deliver edging solutions. We work with time so that high productivity transcends across generational factors. Our clients dream big, and we help them realize their dreams.


International Team

Margaret Hampton
Business Transformation Team
Rabi Kaya
Technology and Engineering Consulting Team
Email: rabi@acalliances.com
Andualem Boltena
Global Partnerships & Development and Humanitarian Team


Okwir Simon Phd
Air Transport and Performance Team
Vikash Kumar Phd
Risk Management Team

Ethiopia Team

Minyahil Tadesse
Academic Tourism and Learning Strategist